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Tel. 952 46 05 38 Mon - Fri 10:00–14:00

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Terms and Conditions of this Contract


1. – Programs and services: Teledistribución de Video Fuengirola S.L., henceforth EUROCABLE TV, offer the possibility to receive satellite & terrestrial TV programs, in accordance with the relevant EUROCABLE TV “Packages” and “Programme Listings”. Also various packages of internet services. The cabling infrastructure necessary to receive the channels and internet services will be installed by EUROCABLE TV in public places, and it will be maintained by EUROCABLE TV.

2. -Object of contract: This contract guarantees the subscriber the right to the services contracted with EUROCABLE TV under the terms and conditions hereby stipulated, exclusively for the personal use of the subscriber. Under no circumstances can the subscriber use the service contracted for profit making. In respect of business premises only the internet service is available. It is explicity prohibited to transfer, transmit, extend, share, loan, rent, sell, or give away in any form or manner the right to use EUROCABLE TV services and connection, its application being strictly limited to the domestic and particular use at the subscriber’s contract address.

3. – Access conditions to the services contracted: It will be necessary to duly complete all the personal details and sign this contract.

4. – Installation, maintenance and equipment property: All equipment installed by EUROCABLE TV will remain the exclusive property of EUROCABLE TV who are fully responsible for the maintenance and costs for such equipment, except the installation within the boundaries of the subscriber’s residence. The subscriber authorizes EUROCABLE TV to pass the cable on the outside wall of their property, according to their legal rights stated in the Law of Horizontal Property. The subscriber is expressly responsible for the maintenance of such installation as well as its failure or damage due to negligence

5. – Broadcasting incident: As consequence of the constant changes in the policies of satellite broadcasting companies, EUROCABLE TV will be entitled to make changes, improvements or alterations to the service and cannot guarantee specific programs but will continue to operate the minimum of channels including, films, news, children, light entertainment and documentary programs. EUROCABLE TV will accept no responsibility for loss of signal due to circumstances beyond the company’s control, such as electrical failure, atmospherics conditions, broken or cut cables by construction activities, change in policy be it – satellite transmitting – coding – smart cards – cancellation or other of the initial satellite broadcasting provider etc. In case of signal failure, please report to EUROCABLE TV office on +34 952 460 538 office hours or Email info@eurocable.tv. Eurocable TV guarantees 25% speed of actual speeds which are initially contracted. EUROCABLE TV is providing in excess of the number of programs contracted and considers this compensation for any short term loss or defective signal if and when it occurs. EUROCABLE TV will always consider compensation if and when applicable.

7. – Responsibilities of the contracting parties: EUROCABLE TV commits to provide Internet and/or TV channels contracted, and to maintain the installations outside the limits of the subscriber’s property. EUROCABLE TV makes the best of its abilities and commits to take whatever measures are needed to ensure the stability, continuity and quality of the contracted services. The Subscriber commits to the timely settling of the subscription fees as contracted. The subscriber is responsible for the equipment and installation within his/her property, and must notify EUROCABLE TV of any change in name, address or sale of the property for which the services are contracted. The client understands that, except the initial connection, EUROCABLE TV is not responsible for the tuning of televisions and/or video’s any more than the seller/supplier of the same. EUROCABLE TV is not responsible for the tuning of televisions after the disconnection of the service. Also Eurocable TV is not responsible for the maintenance or performance of any computer equipment

6. – Invoicing and Form of payment: The connection fee will be paid in full upon the signing of the contract along with at least the first month’s subscription. All contracts will run from the 1st of the month. All payments will be paid before the 10th of the month. The payment, in EUROS, can be made at EUROCABLE TV’s office in cash, Spanish cheque, and visa. Also a direct debit or bank transfer service is available. EUROCABLE TV reserves the right to change all fees, upon prior notification of 30 days. Subscriber commits to ensure that the bank account, on which the payment is drawn, contains sufficient money to cover the subscription fees. If the subscription is not paid by the bank, it will be understood that the subscriber has cancelled the payments and the subscription. The service will be disconnected and a corresponding surcharge will be applied. This also applies for payments not received before the 10th of the month.

8. – Contract period: Subscriptions are valued monthly and can be paid in any number of monthly periods except the first payment of a new contract. Discounts are offered on annual payments. All subscriptions are subject to the tariffs rates effective at the time. Any increase to the tariffs will automatically take place on Direct Debit transactions unless EUROCABLE TV is notified. Annual contracts and contracts supported by direct Debit payments will automatically continue, unless otherwise stated by either party, who will notify the other party in writing 30 days prior to the end of the stipulated period.

9. – Termination of contract: EUROCABLE TV will be entitled to terminate this contract and service should the subscriber not respect any of the terms and conditions laid in this contract, or in the case of non-payment of the agreed fees. The subscriber can terminate this contract upon forewarning of 30 days to EUROCABLE TV. For any legal proceedings arising from this contract both parties mutually agree to be ruled by the Fuengirola Court of Justice, and they renounce to any other for jurisdiction. Should the subscriber reside in an urbanization, complex, community, etc, with which EUROCABLE TV has an exclusive contract to provide the services described in this contract, EUROCABLE TV is exempt of any responsibility resulting from the non-fulfillment of this contract, for as long as this is caused by the non fulfillment of the exclusive contract by the urbanization, complex, community, etc, as it would make it impossible for EUROCABLE TV to provide its services.

10.Personal data: The client can solicit elimination of existing personal data from €UROCABLE TV´s internal database.(Ley Orgánica , 15/1999, 13th December)